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        2. Tanell

          Steel Piping Components since 1981

          Tanell is an company that operates in the supplying market for Oil and Gas plant, Chemical industry, Energy and Water since 1981. Since the beginning our goals are: quality of the components produced and sold, efficiency of our managing processes and flexibility in supporting our customers satisfying their projects needs.



          After 30 years of business we built a solid and complete network of suppliers that allow us to deliver worldwide. Thanks to a carefully monitoring of our availabilities, we are able to provide an unique offer in terms of product range, quality, support, and respect of delivery dates

          • High pressure stainless steel forged pipe fittings
          • High pressure carbon steel forged pipe fittings
          • Low pressure casting stainless steel pipe fittings
          • Stainless steel butt welded pipe fittings
          • Stainless steel flange
          • Slice ball valve
          • Casting quick connector
          • Stainless steel push-in fitting
          • Stainless steel ferrule joint
          • Sanitary pipe fittings
          • Sanitary valve

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          OUR SERVICE

          A direct supplier that offers the best solution in terms of quality and price

          • Excellent product quality
          • Direct supplier
          • Complete and detailed documentation
          • Customized Service and Technical support
          • Quality and Customer Assistance
          • Long time experience
          • Respect of delivery dates

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          Thanks to a long-time experience, Tanell is capable to supply a full range of products and service for the following markets

          • Oil & Gas
          • ENERGETIC
          • REFINERIES
          • Valves

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          Our partner

          Everywhere in the world, every effort is being made to meet the growing demand for forging in the world. Tianyou Pipeline helps customers solve their most important challenges in the fields of coal power generation, natural gas power generation, nuclear power and other renewable energy.